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Welcome to Wooden Works, LLC

Wooden Works has been in business in Cheyenne since 1979. Wooden Works specializes in the restoration, repair and refinishing of antique furniture. We treat every piece of furniture with great care, be it your family heirloom or the piece you just bought at the flea market. When we complete your project, we can guarantee that the furniture will look virtually the same as the day it was brand new. We strive to restore your furniture to as near original as is possible. We re-glue joints and mortises, replace dowels in broken joints, repair drawer sides, guides and slides with real wood patches. We use original/replica steel slotted screws where they are visible to the casual observer, and we never use a philips head screw to repair anything. No magnetic latches, nylon bushing closures, we make it work the way it was meant to work (see our before and after pictures)

In addition to repair and restoration of antique furniture, the owner, Spencer Foster, will custom build any piece of furniture to your specifications. Your drawings or ours, each piece is an original and one of a kind. (see our custom built pieces)

If you are the accomplished handy person and enjoy refinishing your own furniture, we offer full service stripping so you don’t have to bother with the ineffective box store chemicals, odors and disposal of the residue. We use industrial stripping chemicals that work fast so your furniture doesn’t get saturated, veneers don’t loosen or bubble. This is not a dip tank process, rather a flow over system that works the stripping chemicals through a continuous flow process that melts old finishes away, leaving just a slightly raised grain of the wood that requires just a light sanding.

We know what’s on your mind – how much does it cost to get a piece done. We have a page of estimates to give you some idea of what you may be looking at. It’s not all inclusive and may not be close to what your cost may be. There can be added costs for repair work, hardware replacement, new wheels, etc. We can not give estimates over the phone, but we can give a ballpark figure, similar to the costs indicated here on our website. We’d be happy to give you an actual estimate, you can bring your piece by the shop, or if it’s too big to move easily, we can come to you.

References are available, and we’d be happy to supply you with the names of some of our very satisfied customers.

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